Monthly Progress Report: January 2011

The pilot continued in January when schools came back after the holidays along with several other important activities.  Specific actions that took place this month included:

  • The final evaluation of the EduTubePlus service by teachers and pupils took place using the questionnaires and approaches already agreed upon by the team.
  • Teachers continued to use the service this month, several new teachers joined from Romania and the first instance of cross-border collaboration took place between schools in Romania and Greece.
  • EduTubePlus was very well represented at the BETT show in London on a stand that attracted considerable attention.
  • Several partners met in London on the occasion of BETT to further discuss the exploitation plan which continued to be developed this month.
  • A new release of the platform took place at the start of the month which allowed the possibility to upload subtitles in all languages.
  • The deliverable D4.5 EduTubePlus Platform and e-services - Final (including changes from the evaluation phase) was submitted.