Monthly Progress Report: November 2010

Teachers and students in all 8 countries participating in the pilot phase of the EduTubePlus project were very active in November and the
partners participating in this stage have been busy supporting their use of the platform and recording all feedback. Specific
activities that took place in November included the following:

  • 3 videoconference meetings took place for the national coordinators of the pilot, during these meetings the team discussed progress in each country and compared the progress of the teachers taking part.
  • The team responsible for exploitation of the project met during November to discuss the progress of the exploitation plan and the legal advisory work that is being carried out on behalf of the consortium into legal structures that could be used during the exploitation phase.
  • The mid-term evaluation was implemented in several participating countries in order to gauge feedback from teachers to the platform.
  • Work took place to improve the search functionality of the platform and many of the partners worked to enhance the multilingual aspect of the platform improving the quality of the translation service available and making further language versions of the manuals available.
  • The final project conference was announced and information distributed, the programme is under discussion and invitations to speakers have been distributed.