Monthly Progress Report: May 2010

Work on advancing the EduTubePlus platform continued this month as well as preparations for the pilot phase and the final exploitation
of the EduTubePlus service.

Specific activities undertaken included the following:

  • Up-loading of content by the content providers via the back-end began and a users manual to support those partners with responsibility for this action was made available, this work was supported by regular online meetings.
  • Further work was carried out on the Learning Scenario Designer.
  • Partners responsible for the pedagogical aspects of the project continued to work on the preparation of both sample templates and scenarios for inclusion in the Learning Scenario Designer.
  • Work to prepare for the pilot phase continued which included the preparation of the workshop in July and the arrangements for the pilot activities beginning in September.
  • Partners responsible for the exploitation aspects of the project continued to gather information about the context of exploitation for EduTubePlus.