Monthly Progress Report: October 2009

After just over one year of operation, October was a busy month for the EduTubePlus team, here is a summary of our main activities and achievements:

  • Annual project status and technical review meeting for all project partners: this meeting took place in Rome on 15-16 October, 2009, involved representatives from all project partners and provided a good opportunity to review progress and plan for the coming months. The agenda was divided into 3 main parts, presentation and discussion about the EduTubePlus system and e-services, presentation and discussion on the status of the video content and presentation and discussion about the pedagogical framework as well as training and eventual pilot implementation in schools. The partners also discussed management, dissemination, exploitation and evaluation of the EduTubePlus project.
  • The content providers have begun the process of segmenting (where required) and adapting their videos to the specifications of the EduTubePlus platform.
  • Work has been on-going in respect to the eventual exploitation of EduTubePlus with the partners leading this effort, RAI and Le Site 
  • Submission of Deliverable 4.2 - "Report on adapted platforms,tools and software modules of the EduTubePlus e-Service" to the European Commission.
  • Work to establish the pedagogical experts group who will add to the pedagogical templates and scenarios and who will guide the pilot testing with European schools when this phase begins in 2010.