Monthly Progress Report: February 2010

During February, partners have continued to work on the EduTubePlus platform and set of e-services as well as the preparation of templates and scenarios for inclusion on the EduTubePLus platform.
This work is summarised here:

  • Work continued on the platform and services, this included the elaboration of the Learning Scenario Designer as well as the overall functionalities of the proposed service.
  • A beta version of the EduTubePlus Learning Scenario Designer became available to the pedagogical partners in order to start uploading their video-based Learning Scenario Templates and to provide feedback.
  • A meeting of the partners involved in the pedagogical work of the project took place on 25/26 February in Brussels. This meeting provided an opportunity for partners to discuss  the status of the model templates and scenarios that are being included in the EduTubePlus platform and the timing and contents of the pilot activities which will begin in earnest after the meeting in Bucharest at the end of April.
  • Deliverable 6.2 which provides training material for schools, teachers and pupils to create or adapt their own video resources was submitted to the European Commission this deliverable includes an online tutorial on creating your own video resources and a database of materials that can be used by teachers and others interested in using video in the classroom.