Monthly Progress Report: August 2010

Despite the holiday season, partners continued their EduTubePlus related work in August. Specific activities undertaken included the following:

  • The initial EduTubePlus Video Library of professionally-produced videos was created and delivered. The library contains 5,500 curriculum-related short length videos, selected from the existing resources of project partners according to the EduTubePlus video selection strategy. contributed around 3,200 clips, most of them in French; RAI Educational provided 1,000 clips in Italian, while the Educational TV of the Greek MoE provided 750 clips in Greek.  Partners CI, Eduhi, Klett and SIVECO also contributed videos in Portuguese, German, and Romanian and English. All videos have been tagged with educational metadata following the EduTubePlus video metadata scheme.
  • Partners responsible for pilot implementation sites in Greece, UK, Italy, Hungary, France, Finland, Belgium and Romania prepared the local teachers’ training workshops due to take place in September. 
  • On-going work to minimize bugs and to prepare the EduTubePlus platform and tools for pilot usage in September
  • General preparation for the pilot phase continued and included the preparation of a single user manual for all aspects of the ETP platform, FAQs and the online fora for teachers and others to use during the pilot phase beginning in September.