Monthly Progress Report: November 2009

EduTubePlus has now reached the half-way stage of the project lifetime. Several milestones were reached in November and a number of reports submitted to the European Commission as the project team prepares for the first review of progress. Here is a summary of our  main activities and achievements this past month:

  • Several management reports were prepared and submitted which include D1.2 Public Report Mid-term available on this site and D1.3  Progress Report.
  • Now that the specifications of the EduTubePlus platform are available, those partners with responsibility for providing content to this platform have been busy adapting and processing the clips that have committed to EduTubePlus and at the end of November D5.1 was submitted which provides 50 % of the available video clips adapted and processed according to the specifications of the EduTubePlus platform amounting to more than 3000 clips.
  • The on-going work to secure the eventual exploitation of this service which is being led by RAI and Le Site was documented and submitted as D8.3 - the Intermediate version of the initial Exploitation plan.
  • Finally, the beta version of the EduTubePlus platform and set of e-services was also finlised and submitted as D4.3 EduTubePlus Platform and e-Services, Beta version.