Monthly Progress Report: September 2009

The project team have been busy during September on several different fronts, here is a summary of our main activities and achievements:

  • Work in relation to Task 4.2 "Adaptation and extension of platform, tools and e-services", the integrated EduTubePlus database model has been completed and agreed upon. The customisation and extension of the AeL LCMS, the Translation service, and the TimeLine graphical search tool have been finished. Progress has been made in the development of the Learning Scenario Builder as well as the extension and adaptation of the EduTubePlus application platform. A meeting has been organised to take place early in October at premises to test the integration of the various components with the EduTubePlus platform.
  • Work for the preparation of the Deliverable 4.2 entitled "Report on adapted platforms, tools and software modules of the EduTubePlus e-Service" has been started.
  • Continued efforts in respect to building up the exploitation framework for the eventual launch of the EduTubePlus platform and service.
  •  Extensive efforts in relation to the work of WP5 linked to the segmentation and adaptation of selected video clips which includes the use of an agreed set of metadata as well as progress in respect to formatting and the format validation process
  • Acceptance of Deliverable 6.1 entitled "A pedagogical framework for the effective use of video in class / Exemplary video-based educational scenarios".
  • Delivery of the first training course for teachers in Budapest on 17/18 September.
  • Launch of the revised EduTubePlus web site