Monthly Progress Report: April 2010

Development work on the EduTubePlus platform continued during April alongside efforts to prepare for the pilot testing phase with more than 35 schools in different European countries.
Specific activities undertaken included the following:

  • Work to support the upload of partners' content continued apace with a concrete timeline and a set of training and information sessions on the back office planned for the partners concerned in May.
  • The Learning Scenario Designer has been further developed and an elaborated draft manual was produced.
  • Partners with responsibility for templates for inclusion in the Learning Scenario Designer continued to refine their templates for inclusion.
  • A meeting took place amongst WP1, 2 and 6 leaders to further work on the pilot plan and to identify outstanding issues and work to be carried out.
  • A train the trainer workshop which was to have taken place alongside a project meeting in Bucharest in April was postponed to July because of the air traffic chaos in mid April, communication between the various working teams in the project will continue on a virtual basis until then.