Monthly Progress Report: December 2010

While many of the schools taking part in the pilot were preparing for holidays at the end of December, the pilot continued right up to the
end of the school terms in all the countries taking part. Specific actions that took place this month included:

  • A new release of the EduTubePlus platform makes it possible to now upload subtitles in several languages
  • Collaboration between teachers in Greece and Romania on a joint project was initiated and pupils in both countries are looking forward to further cross-border activity in January
  • The questionnaires for the final evaluation were discussed, finalised and distributed to prepare for the final evaluation of the project
  • A new release of the Learning Scenario Designer on the EduTubePlus pilot server delivered in December incorporates several new features
  • aimed at making the scenario designer more attractive and easier to use
  • Work amongst the exploitation team continued and they are now preparing to discuss a final exploitation strategy with all partners during the final project meeting in Athens in February.