Monthly Progress Report: October 2010

This month has really focussed on making sure the pilot testing of the EduTubePlus platform was fully operational in all 8 participating countries along with further work to address the exploitation of the EduTubePlus service when the project funding phase finishes in 2011.

Specific activities included the following

  • Regular fortnightly meetings of the national coordinators to ensure the pilot was proceeding in the planned fashion, these meetings provide an opportunity to report progress and discuss any arising issues.
  • Workshops held in Belgium, Romania and Hungary to bring teachers on board in these countries.
  • Work on the first round of evaluation to assess the level of skill and interest in related topics amongst participating teachers before they began to use the platform.
  • Streamlining of the help-desk service to ensure problems that are raised are addressed in as timely and effective a manner as possible.
  • Incorporation of a number of 'unsupervised' schools into the pilot activity.
  • Work on the exploitation plan to agree alternative exploitation strategies and means to produce a realstic business plan.