Monthly Progress Report: February 2011

During February, specific attention fell on the project's final conference along with the preparation of a number of key deliverables. Meanwhile the platform continued to be used by many of the teachers who had taken part in the pilot phase.  Specific actions that took place this month included:

  • The final project conference took place in the Greek Ministry of Education, Life Long Learning and Religious Affairs. It attracted about 145 participants from 10 European countries who discussed the outcomes of the project along with the pedagogical use of video in class, on-line educational video repositories and services, the role of user generated content, potential business opportunities in relevant fields etc.
  • The final project meeting took place in Athens after the conference, the main focus of which was on exploitation.
  • All final deliverables were prepared this month in preparation for submission at the beginning of March, these were: D1.5 - Progress Report 4, D1.6 Final Public Report, D6.3 - User-generated videos (UGOV) and video-based learning activities developed during pilot implementation in schools, D7.2 - Final Implementation & Evaluation Phase report, D8.4 - Initial Exploitation plan, D8.5- Guide for new content providers (professionals or users) in order to join the venture, D8.6 - Project Presentation and D7.1 Final Evaluation report.