Workshop for teachers in Belgium

Eighteen teachers entered the KlasCement office in Gent on Saturday 2 October around 9 am. They did not know each other and were quite curious about EduTubePlus.

Wim was the instructor of the day. In the morning they investigated and tested the EduTubePlus website. Peter instructed the group about the tasks and the planning. After lunch they had a workshop about how to make a good video. Not only were tips passed on, but they also worked in small groups on a practical exercise to create their own video clips. Afterwards these clips were shown and discussed. The workshop ended with an evaluation. All teachers were very enthusiastic about this workshop. They had learned a lot and it was a useful day. They were eager to start using EduTubePlus with their students and to make videos themselves. Around 5 pm they left the building, talking and laughing, as if they knew each other for years…

Belgian teachers taking part in EduTubePlus
Teachers making their own clips
Workshop in Ghent