The EduTubePlus closing conference was successfully held in Athens

The EduTubePlus closing conference was successfully held in Athens, Greece on 3rd & 4th February 2011.  

The conference was entitled “On the effective use of video in education: Online Video Repositories & Services and the underlying pedagogy”, and it was co-organised by the Research Academic Computer Technology Institute and the Hellenic Ministry of Education, Life Long Learning and Religious Affairs, Directorate of Educational RadioTelevision.

About 145 participants from 10 European countries attended the conference and exchanged ideas on the pedagogical use of video in class, the on-line educational video repositories and services, the role of user generated content, the potential business opportunities in the relevant fields etc.
Participants included teachers in primary and secondary schools interested in the use of video in class, educational TV broadcasters and video producers, publishers & other professionals in the media industry, educational public authorities and policy makers, companies in Educational Technology and researchers in the field of video-based active learning.
The two day event included presentations and discussions on several topics, among them:  How video can be used in class in a pedagogical meaningful manner? Existing on-line educational video repositories with professionally produced videos: what happens at national level in France, Italy, UK and Catalonya/Spain, and, the EduTubePlus, as the first European on-line video library and service. The role of User Generated Video (UGV) in education; Educational video and Web 2.0; New paradigms for educational video; Tools for exploiting video in class to support active learning;  What is considered appropriate video for in class use?   Using video in class:  experiences from the pilot use of the EduTubePlus video-based service in Greece, Romania, Finland, UK, Italy, Hungary. And finally, how can online video-based services be sustainable?
EduTubePlus project partners presented the project outcomes and shared their knowledge and their experiences from the development of the EduTubePlus European video-based service. Distinguished experts and established professionals in the field of video in education gave keynote presentations and discussed with the audience on relevant issues. Teachers from six European countries shared their experiences from the pilot use of the EduTubePlus service in their schools. Key persons in educational European TV broadcasters discussed potential models for sustainable on-line video-based educational services.

EduTubePlus closing conference - Audience
Elina Megalou, EduTubePlus project coordinator, RACTI
The Greek Deputy Minister of Education, Mrs Evi Christofilopoulou
Jack Koumi, Educational media production consultant  (invited speaker, UK)
Paul Ashton,  Teachers TV’s (invited speaker, UK)
Betty Tsakarestou,  Head of Educational RadioTelevision, MoE (GR)
Sally Reynolds,  ATiT (BE)
Kevin Burden, Univ of HULL (UK) & Bertrand Alaime, (FR))
David Blanchard,  France TV / (FR)
Markus Nikel, RAI Educational (IT)
Pere Arcas, TV of Catalunya (Invited Speaker, ES)
Nikitas Kastis, MENON (BE)  & Theo Kuechel, Univ of HULL (UK)
Jim Devine, President, IADT (Invited Speaker, IR)
Peter Van Gils, KlasCement / EduCentrum (BE)
Elena Verdu, CEDETEL (ES)
Sofia Papadimitriou,  Educational RadioTelevision, MoE (GR)
Delia Oprea, SIVECO Romania (RO)
EduTubePlus project - team members