Project Outcomes

The following outcomes have been published to date by the EduTubePlus partnership.
For a full list of all project outcomes, see the complete list of EduTubePlus Project Outcomes.

Elina Megalou, “EduTubePlus: A European Curriculum Related Hybrid Video Library and e-Services for the Pedagogical Exploitation of Video in Class”, Proc. of the 19th Annual European Distance and e-Learning Conference (EDEN 2010), Valencia, Spain”
27 April 2011
D7.1 User feedback report, including all interim assessment reports and qualitative information collected by end users during pilot implementation phase
24 March 2011
D1.6 Final Public Report
17 March 2011
D7.2 Final Implementation and Evaluation Phase Report
15 March 2011
D6.3 User-generated videos (UGOV) and video-based learning activities developed during pilot implementation in schools
15 March 2011
D8.5 Guide for new content providers (professionals or users) in order to join the venture
15 March 2011
D8.6 Project Presentation (results)
15 March 2011
Training materials for schools, teachers and pupils to create or adapt their own video resources
07 April 2010

This report provides a description of the set of resources and the online tutorial that have been put in place to support teachers who want to either adapt or create video resources for use in the classroom.

Public Report Mid-term
01 December 2009

This report provides a summary of the main project activities that have taken place in the first 15 months of the EduTubePlus project.

A pedagogical framework for the effective use of video in class / Exemplary video-based educational scenarios
31 August 2009

This report describes the pedagogical framework for the effective use of video in the classroom that will be used to test the EduTubePlus e-service in the pilot phase.

Structural, technical and semantic specifications of video resources for in class use and list of PP video clips to be aggregated in the EduTubePlus Library
31 July 2009

This report presents the ETP video resources selection criteria and an inventory of the resources which will be available in the new EduTubePlus service.

Multilingual and multicultural curriculum-related ontology and Metadata schemata for video objects and video-based activities
30 June 2009

This report describes the work carried out by the EduTubePlus team in coming up with the EduTubePlus ontology and metadata schemata, based on the EUN LRE Thesaurus and refined and adapted to take into account the proposed EduTubePlus service.

Design of the EduTubePlus Platform and e-Services
31 March 2009

This report describes the overall design of the EduTubePlus system including the its functional specifications, a description of the components and their integration and an implementation plan leading to the delivery of the system.

Dissemination Plan
30 November 2008

This report describes the dissemination activities to be undertaken by the EduTubePlus project consortium and includes a set of opportunities, instruments and actions that will be used to maximise the project’s impact on target user groups.

Project Presentation and Web site
21 November 2008

This output contains a generic presentation that can be used to present the EduTubePlus project and an accompanying document providing key information about the project’s mission, goals and implementation plan.