Virtual Workshop on Creating Your Own Video

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A series of online modules for creative and curious teachers who are keen on integrating video in their classroom activities.

You will learn in a number of simple steps how you can complement your learning and teaching activities with (moving) images. Moreover, you will also learn how you can create these materials yourself so that they are fit for use.

This is what you can expect in those modules:

  1. Introduction - What do you need when making videos?
  2. Streaming - What is streaming video and how can you use it in the classroom?
  3. Shooting - How to prepare for recording our own images, how does it work, what should you do?
  4. Capturing - What to do once you are finished recording? How to load images into the computer for editing?
  5. Editing - How to edit, process, enhance your video with additional images, sound, music, text, effects...?
  6. Publishing - Where and how can you publish your finished movie?
  7. Practise - Some tests and exercises to test your video production skills.
  8. Showtime - Some examples of videos that were created by participants who took these workshops in the past.
  9. Lessons - Examples of lessons that apply video in the classroom.
  10. Resources - Sources and more related materials

In every step you will first find a short introduction to the topic and to the new tools and materials that you will use (for example: "How to connect a camera to a PC/laptop?") and you will find various examples and illustrations to make the module more interesting. Of course you can use the various resource materials in this workshop as well as those you find in EduTubePlus and adapt them to meet your needs.