Featured Videos

Paul Klee

This clip focuses on the artist Paul Klee and some of his best known art works. It illustrates different techniques and elements of Klee's work and could be used in art appreciation classes for different level students.  

Bruegel the Elder

This clip is taken from the documentary "Bruegel the Elder, painter" and shows details from paintings by this well known Flemish artist.  Bruegel painted large works with a multitude of sketches from real life. This clip is taken from the catalogue "Images of Culture of the CNC and could be used to support fine art classes. It could also be used to support discussions related to comparisons of daily life through the ages.

Phases of Pharmaceutical Industry

The video-clip presents, step by step, the line production of medicine. 2D animation represents both the individual phases and the overall process. Students have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with how medicine is produced, the required technology and the importance of health and safety specifications.  The clip is instructional as far as the production of medicine is concerned and can be used as a hook to initiate discussions about the pharmaceutical industry and the impact of medicines on our lives. It could also be used to support an exercise in observation    

Light Pollution

This video clip is about light pollution which has a very negative influence on humans and their environment. It describes how the change of day and night is very important for our biorhythm - we have adapted to it over thousands of years. A large number of important functions of our bodies, among others the production of hormones depend on the time of day. Permanent lighting at night - especially in cities - can lead to health problems. This clip can be used to initiate a discussion into light pollution and associated issues.

Reggae Music

Hearing reggae music, everyone thinks about Jamaica and Bob Marley. However, there is much more to that kind of music than that. This clip provides information about reggae and the rastafari culture and is part of EduHi's special series "G'scheit g'schaut" ("Let the music play"). It can be used in several different ways and linked to different subjects including music appreciation and cultural studies.

Types of PC Games

A lot of young people enjoy playing computer games - there are a lot of different kinds of games: jump'n'run-games, strategy games, simulations,. In their "G'scheit g'schaut"-special on computer games, EduHi provides an overview of some important types of games. Tis clip could be used to stimulate a discussion about the value of PC games, as an observation exercise or to support an exercise in prediction.

The Tree in Art

This video clip focuses on the tree and its symbolic use in art. It could be used to illustrate different artistic styles and to stimulate discussion about different artistic genres or to encourage students to be more observant in their artistic appreciation of common phenomenon in daily life.  

The First Impression Counts

The first impression counts - especially when you approach a person you like for the first time. EduHi asked Austria's etiquette guru Thomas Schäfer-Elmayer for some tips on how to succeed when establishing contact with someone. This clip could be used to discuss support a general discussion on etiquette or on cultural issues related to etiquette. It could also be used as part of an observation exercise.


Tattoos are very popular amongst young people. Have you ever asked yourself why so many people have them? Or have you ever wondered how to find out if a tattoo studio is reputable? EduHi accompanied a young man to a tattoo studio and talked to a dermatologist about getting tattoos removed. This clip raises a number of interesting questions related to tattoos and body art in general and could be used to initiate a dscussion on tattoos and related topics.