University of Hull (UofHULL/Institute for Learning)

The University of Hull was founded in 1927 on the edge of the city and has since grown to include additional campuses nearby and in Scarborough. With around 15,000 people registered for degree study - among them students from over 100 countries across the world - Hull is a medium-sized but particularly cosmopolitan university.

The Institute for Learning (IfL): Exploring, Supporting and Promoting Learning for All. The main aim of the IfL is to be recognised as a research-based centre of excellence in learning and teaching, both nationally and internationally, whilst continuing to have a particular commitment to serving the educational needs of the local region.

Within this broad definition separate schools implement and execute this over-arching vision. IfL is located in the Centre for Educational Studies where it is charged with implementing the IfL vision in schools. Staff from the Institute for Learning has been involved in several major national and international projects working with national agencies in the UK and other Universities around the World"