Fondazione Maddalena di Canossa’s (FMC)

Founded in 1991 by a group of parents, recognized with decree n. 10070 of 18/09/92 by Lombardy region with around 700 students from the pre-scholar education to the high school, “Fondazione Maddalena di Canossa” is nowadays a school well known and recognized in the territory of Bergamo Province. Settled in the best tradition of the Italian school (the institution exist since early 1800), its pedagogical approach is centred on the learner.

“Fondazione Maddalena di Canossa”’s goal is to accompany the change occurring in Italian school system through the cooperation among teachers, students, parents and staff persons. “Fondazione Maddalena di Canossa” is also very active in the training of his staff and post secondary vocational and educational training with several ESF-funded projects awarded.

The “Fondazione Maddalena di Canossa” has led and is leading the following project of European interest: Leonardo Da Vinci 2000-2006 Project entitled “S.E.R.I.”. Moreover, the school is a partner in the following projects: “E-crèches. E-learning contents for crèche and kindergarten workers” (Leonardo da Vinci pilot project), “Innovative models for the integration of socio-educational practices”, (Regional Programme “Activities of regional interest with innovative and experimental characteristics”) “Formative training and school-work interchange as vocational guidance tools” (Systemic action aimed at updating the educational and the vocational training systems).