EduCentrum vzw (KlasCement)

KlasCement is the educational portal of the Flemish Community in Belgium (


  • Exchanging educational material and examples for class and school use,
  • Promoting cooperation between teachers, principals, ICT-coordinators, students, … from different schools,
  • Helping to bridge the digital divide.

Target groups: Primary education, Secondary education, Teacher training, Adult education

Statistics: KlasCement collects at this moment about 6000 learning objects provided by teachers. These are lesson documents, presentations, exercises, websites, software, photos … All content is free available. Daily we have about 5000 unique visitors that are downloading and uploading their work.  KlasCement has become one of the biggest educational portals in Flanders and the Netherlands. We already have 27 000 members (12 000 in September 2006).


  • The material necessary for the teacher’s profession or class can be found very fast.
  • We avoid re-inventing the wheel and try to work together with different partners and other initiatives.
  • Doing real networking is a self improving attitude.