ATiT Audiovisual Technologies, Informatics and Telecommunication (ATiT)

ATiT is an audio-visual and information technologies company specialising in the integration of Information and Communications Technologies in the Training, Education and Culture sectors. This includes training programmes whereby potential users of technology for pedagogical purposes have successfully made the transition to a technology supported environment. ATiT provides audio-visual production, project management, training and consultancy services to education and training sector clients all over Europe. With a strong background in audiovisual production, ATiT staff are particularly skilled in the creation and use of video resources for educational purposes and have a strong background in all aspects from production through to publication and delivery. This experience extends to organising training and orientation activities to raise awareness and skills in respect to the use of video in education and ATiT staff have set up and organised training and resource sharing activities on the use of video in education for more than 15 years. They are also experienced producers of online information and education materials for a wide selection of clients in both the public and private sectors including significant web developments realised in-house. They are also highly experienced in dissemination, exploitation and validation, and regularly initiate and manage communication and PR campaigns for and on behalf of organisations, projects and networks. ATiT senior staff are also experienced evaluators in the field of technology enhanced learning and have been responsible for external and internal evaluation and review of a significant number of projects and initiatives at European and national level in Belgium, France, the UK, Ireland as well as in parts of Africa and Asia including Ghana, the Philippines, Tanzania and The Gambia.